Vampires, witches or other nocturnal phantasms are certainly the main themes of many events ... we want to offer you an idea for the Witcher style event!

A year ago, our dishes were used during a stylized Halloween party organized by Sylwia Kościołek-Zgódka. We liked this idea so much that, with the consent of the author, we can share photos of the organized party with you today! Admit it yourself - it's so atmospheric, you can smell the deliciousness served only by looking at these pictures!

If you would like to make a similar idea at your home and taste specialties from different sides of the Witcher world, then there's a simple way to to this - use our recipes, dress up as your favorite characters and have fun at Gwent-themed party!

Photos: Sylwia Kościołek-Zgódka. Thank you!