Hi, we are a team from Poland - we love food, fantasy books and video games!

At first, we started a Nerds' Kitchen project, polish website about food inspired by video games, but as Witcher universe and European cuisine are very close to our hearts, we decided to take a step further and create a separate project dedicated to this extraordinary world. Hope you will like our work! Stay tuned for more :)


 Self-taught cook and an uncontrollable glutton. She searches for culinary motifs in games, analyzes their importance in creating convincing stories and believable worlds. Game designer and project manager by profession.


Photographer and scenographer sensitive to a slightest detail. Passionate of Polish and European folklore, lover of fantasy books, taking her steps in creating storytelling referring to building immersion through culinary motifs.


Videoman and photo support, also testing food quality and taste between the takes. Game designer & producer of serious video games with a special place for indie productions in his heart.


Concept Artist and Graphic Designer. Fan of RPG games, board games, movies and books in fantasy and science fiction genres. She has a million ideas per minute.