The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine

sorrel soup on pork ribs & vegetable broth


If you belong to the courageous guests of the tracks and you’re not afraid of the cuisine served by somewhat hideous creatures, it is worth visiting the charming Toussaint and stop near Trastamara Hunting Cottage. Perhaps you will be treated at the table by an unusual host and given a chance to taste some green delights. For those less brave to sit at the table with Wight we have good news. We managed to work out this mystery so we can share with you the recipe for the best soup in the whole Duchy of Anna Henrietta! Well, maybe not so best... after all, only a few gourmands really appreciate its culinary values.

[spoilers ahead!]

You can encounter this specific soup with an interesting greenish color during La Cage au Fou mission in Blood and Wine DLC. If you decide to help the unfortunate Marlene de Trastamara during the story, you can witness an unusual feast involving Wight and Geralt... and what this monster serves on the table for his guest? Of course, intensely smelling green soup. We tried to faithfully reproduce the recipe, that's why we reached for the ingredients that Wight also probably would have access to around his property and overgrown garden - that is sorrel, an inconspicuous plant with a specific taste. We made in on pork ribs, but you can also make it only on vegetable stock.  In Poland sorrel soup it’s quite popular and it’s commonly used for the soup, which has both its lovers and haters. Therefore, even though Geralt was brave enough to drink the soup boldly straight from the plate, we recommend you to try a little on the spoon to see if the unique taste of this green brew suits you. No Wight would be ashamed of this recipe, we guarantee that!

TIME: 2h

SERVING: 4 portions



carrots - 2 items
parsley - 3 items
celery - 1 item
leek - 1 item
pork ribs - 700 g
sorrel - fresh (3 bunches) or in jar (300g)
cream 30% fat - 150g
butter - 1 tbsp
water - 2l
salt, pepper

1. RIBS (optional - if you're a veggie, skip this point)
Pour water into a big pot. Bring to a boil. Put ribs into the pot (water should cover the meat - add more if necessary). Cook for few minutes, then scoop off and discard all of the foam that forms in the surface.

Wash and peel vegetables. Cut them in halves. Put into the pot with meat. Add two pinches of salt. Simmer for about 1,5 hour until vegetables and meat are soft. Then take out all the vegetables and meat, leaving only broth inside the pot.

Remember not to waste food! When it comes to meat you can peel off the bones and add shredded meat to the soup or eat separately with potatoes or bread. Cooked vegetables can be used for cubed veggie salad with mayo.

If you have fresh sorrel, wash it under running water and finely chop. If you use sorrel from the jar, simply pour it all directly into the pan. Fry sorrel on a little butter for 3 minutes, then transfer it into the pot with broth. Add more salt and freshly ground pepper. Simmer for 20 minutes.

Pour few tablespoons of hot broth into the cream, mix and then slowly pour it into the pot, mixing soup at the same time. Season soup with more salt and pepper if necessary.

Pour soup into bowls - it pairs well with halves of hard-boiled eggs.

You can use spoons, but remember that it won’t free wight from its curse!